I was on TV.

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    I was on TV.

    Earlier this week I was asked if I could appear as Vader in a comedy show here in Iceland that is aired at the National Television, the show is mainly political sketch and current event.

    Vader was supposed to represent IMF (International Monetery Fund) It is all about the economy crisis here in Iceland. Most people view the IMF as a destructive force, that will cripple Iceland.

    Any way I showed up and suited up, they build this cocpit that I was supposed to enter in through a sliding door.

    You can see it here, Time index 18:06

    I wanted to skip the lightsaber and I interacted more with the actor in the first take, the director wanted me to have the lightsaber and stand almost still in front of the camera. He also had trouble lighting the costume.

    This was awesome, they also took some shots of me with helmet and without in front of greenscreen. I will get them after the weekend.

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    Re: I was on TV.

    Very Cool! I take it this is similar to Saturday Night Live / The Daily Show?

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    Re: I was on TV.

    That was cool Mobius! Icelandic sounds Swedish to me

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