just in case we have a batman collector here, do not buy from this auction:
Batman TDK UD Suit Costume Cowl Dark Knight Rises Full Costume Suit Boots | eBay

this guys sold me a hells kitchen suit over the rpf.com forums
after sending payment via paypal he sent me a letter envelope. I refuse package and got my money back. his name is Jesse.. a "female" and uses 2 addresses from CA and NY email richardmastroeni@gmail.com, support@unchartedthreads and administrator@killedthehype.com among others.

if this is not the place to do this sorry please move or delete.

this is the same person on other forums using the same cute batman pics of her smoking that she posted over the rpf.com:
is the same picture she placed on this forums on her sales thread..batman cowl
and smoking, same address

this is a scam report on those forums:

and paypal limited members: