I Need some advice

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    I Need some advice

    I posted this in Boba-Helmet but thought that this board probably gets alot more traffic so here it is in here.

    From an economical stand point, would it be a good deal to buy a don post deluxe boba helmet for 295?

    The helmet is in great shape with the plaque still intact, and its low number 65.

    Thanks for the input!

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    Re: I Need some advice

    well as long as you keep it in pristine shape since it is a collectors item, yes it would be a very good investment/value. The problem is the D.P. deluxe although a very fine helmet, is not near the quality of a good custom. but for under $300 I would say definitely go for the D.P. because a worthy custom will prob go for around $500+ I hope that helps!

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