I feel so bad for this guy...

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    I feel so bad for this guy...

    While on eBay I noticed this okay Fett jetpack, then someone bid on it

    Pic won't work so I have to post the link.

    Star Wars Boba Fett\Jango Fett style jet pack prop - eBay (item 170551807734 end time Oct-15-10 04:22:39 PDT)

    I'm sorry if this was made by anyone here or makes anyone mad, I'm not trying to be mean. Its just for laughs.
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    Re: I feel so bad for this guy...

    well, it was only $70, so it's not a huge investment.

    for a custom it wouldn't be all that bad.

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    Re: I feel so bad for this guy...

    he sells a kit to . the thrusters are funnels . think it was $40

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    Re: I feel so bad for this guy...

    No posting of live auctions

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    Re: I feel so bad for this guy...

    at least he admits it's not movie accurate, and he does say mandalorian style in the description, so he's already better than SFP

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    Re: I feel so bad for this guy...

    If I were making a custom Mando that would be pretty dar good for the price

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    Re: I feel so bad for this guy...

    Not bad at all for a customs Merc. Definitely better than an inflatable!

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    Re: I feel so bad for this guy...

    slave1pilot said: View Post
    No posting of live auctions
    Sorry, it wouldn't let me post the pics. I'll take it down if the mods want me too.

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    Re: I feel so bad for this guy...

    Yeah, I know its not That bad, but I would rather use the templates WOF made, I mean if you search on Google "Boba Fett jetpack"(or anything to do with Boba) you get a link to here almost always. I just though it was funny because he posted it a while ago and I was like he's gonna be lucky to sell it(I made one similar a long time ago but didn't post it for that reason.). It just goes to show, You'll never learn if you don't try.

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