I am Fettistics

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    I am Fettistics

    Hello everyone,

    I noticed someone else introducing themselves so I feel I should follow suit. The names Geo I'm 22 years old and an avid Fett fan I've been a huge SW fan for as long as I can remember. My favorite SW movie is ESB the oldschool Fett not the updated revoiced Fett. I am a Police Officer in NYPD (probably won't be popular now) I have a 2 year old son whose gonna be a huge Fett fan one day. I've only started my journey into my Fett suit. I am going For ROTJ look. If anyone plays xbox my gamertag is Mandalorian G..add me
    Glad to be a (semi) new addition to TDH

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    Re: I am Fettistics

    NYPD, huh? NYC is where I was born, well in Queens anyway. Stay safe!

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    Thanks bud, where in queens? I work transit so I'm underground most of the time, crimes been relatively low lately so for now it's not crazy but who knows.

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