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    Jul 19, 2012, 9:11 AM - Help for a son's costume #1

    I have a 5 year old son that would really like to have me finish his boba fett costume that I started 3 years ago. (I know, I know, I'm slow). Here is where I am at. I have the armor, but it still needs more painting and weathering. I have a pattern for the jumpsuit. I have material but I think it may be too heavy and will use it instead for the vest. I have printed out the gauntlet and backpack patterns at 66% and have started cutting the gauntlets from a for sale sign (light weight sintra). I am planning on making a majority of the backpack out of foamcore board. I saw the tutorial for the belt with boxes and tools, so those shouldn't be an issue. I need help with a few things, though.

    1. I have a rubies boba helmet, but it is warped so that it is oblong front to back, rather than circular. I have tried heating it a little and putting a ball inside it to help retain it's shape as it cooled, but soon after removing the ball, the helmet returns to the oblong shape. is there anything that I can put in the helmet permanently to help it retain its shape?

    2. What would be a cheap, but sturdy way to make the girth belt? I can dye it if need be and saw the tutorial on dying it using latex stain, but I need to have the belt before I can dye it.

    3. Any help with weathering would be great.

    4. What is a good inexpensive way to make the shoes? He will outgrow them too quickly for me to want to put a lot of money into them.

    The best thing about all of this, though, is that I have another son age 2, who will get to wear this when his older brother outgrows it.

    thanks for any help you can give me.
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    Jul 19, 2012, 10:31 AM - Re: Help for a son's costume #2

    Pics of the helmet would be helpful. I used TK409's method for my sons belt ( Do-It-Yourself Star Wars Props). After I ran the needle and thread through the ropes, I braided some old hockey laces to stitch to it in order to make it look more like the real deal. I don't remember what color stain I used on it but it looked pretty descent when it was done. I used flat black paint, misted, for weathering. For the shoes, we used some old white converse we found at Payless Shoes and I painted them light grey and black. Obviously this isn't correct but worked well. I choose no toe spikes because...a 4 year old doesn't necessitate toe spikes... Good luck!

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