Han Solo in carbonite poster

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    Han Solo in carbonite poster

    Hi everybody!

    I just got my starwars.com newsletter and there is a han solo throw announced. im not so interested since i think it is not acurate in size.
    But wouldn't it be great to have a life size cardboard version? I know there was somebody on the board who made an awesome silicon version, but that is to expensive for me. I just thought it would be nice to have a cardboard version behind my boba on the wall. Any ideas? Maybe somebody could send me a high resoultion picture and i will try to print it with a plotter.


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    Re: Han Solo in carbonite poster


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    Re: Han Solo in carbonite poster

    I found a poster thats not quite big enough searching for one...its just over 3 feet tall...maybe get them to print it double the size...probably will be 4 times the price though putting it at like 200 bucks...its offically licensed at $50 for the 24"x39"

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    Re: Han Solo in carbonite poster

    PM sent.

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