Great Job 501st!!

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    Great Job 501st!!


    I would like to personally thank all the members of the 501st that participated in the Norwescon fundraiser this past weekend up here at the Seatac Doupletree in Seattle. This years fund raiser was for a personal friend of mine, Betty Claar that recently passed away of breast cancer. The 501st generously donated ALL of the proceeds from the event to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Betty’s honor.

    There were a number of Troopers, 2 Vaders and a number of officers and even a ESB Boba Fett. Unfortunately I was unable to make this year’s con so I don’t know who the Fett was, sorry. If anyone knows, please post their name.

    Betty was one of Norwescon coordinators and driving forces for many years and she will be missed by many.

    Thank you all,


    P.S. Here is a picture from the event with Betty’s husband Jayson.

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    Re: Great Job 501st!!

    That is sooo cool! I hope to be able to join the 501st some day and help fundraise like that! I'm an Eagle Scout so I've had some experience with it. Very cool! Glad you posted this Wish I could have been there to help.


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    Re: Great Job 501st!!

    ******! Norwescon allways tricks me into believing I missed a norwegian/swedish con! (we havent got to many of them... none, come to think of it)

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    Re: Great Job 501st!!

    Skjoldhammar said: View Post
    ******! Norwescon allways tricks me into believing I missed a norwegian/swedish con! (we havent got to many of them... none, come to think of it)
    Not true. Sweden has 3 anual Cons. Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm. There are currently 45 troopers in the Nordic Garrison, 501st, more being added. We have room for 1 more I think

    Sorry to go off topic here, just wanted to give my fellow Viking a home

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    Re: Great Job 501st!!

    Hey! Sweet! Thanks for posting WOF! That was me as Fett. This was a great event, and we did raise alot of money for this. I was glad to be part of the event. Thanks for sharing.

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