Gen Con 2009

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    Gen Con 2009

    Hi there TDH! I just got back from THE place for Gamers. Gen Con! Yupp yupp, and I debuted my Fett there on Saturday and took part in the costume contest. I also Trooped on Sunday (today.) I've got pictures that I'll post here.

    Any other conners are welcome to post their photos!

    Graffiti in downtown Indy.

    Me wtih a bloodfin.

    Me with Han, who I should have had in carbonite by now, and Leia. (More on the Hunt Later)

    Me with an AWESOME Vader and Royal Guard.

    Me with Obi-wan.

    Clones. (I have no weathering yet D: or Shin tools.)

    I didn't have my gun for any of these because the costuming staff had told me that I could not have it until the parade/contest. Soon after seeing everyone elses' weapons I took disregard for the statement.

    And the contest!

    The Han and Leia above had been on stage directly before me. I "scoured" the stage for Han and the crowd loved it! Han, Leia, and I however, did not place.

    And then me with Jacen, Jania, and a Tahiri.
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    Re: Gen Con 2009

    I should have known you was a member on here! because your costume looked awesome!

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    Re: Gen Con 2009

    sweet armor

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    Re: Gen Con 2009

    Nice to meet you there! Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat...

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    Re: Gen Con 2009

    Great pics, next time swap your gauntlets around

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    Re: Gen Con 2009

    TR 4059 said: View Post
    Great pics, next time swap your gauntlets around
    Yeah, I had taken them off for a while so I could sit, and I thought I was late for an event. So I just slapped 'em on. As you can see, I have it right in the final photo

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