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    Feb 2, 2009, 4:04 AM - Gathering Ideas for Bounty Hunter Game (like droid hunt) #1

    Hi everyone!

    Hey, you've probably heard of the "Droid Hunt," a most excellent game played at cons with the 501st. Participants gather special artwork badges at the 501st table, display them prominently, and then when a fully costumed 501st member approaches and asks "How long have you had these droids?" the victim surrenders the badge and gets a raffle ticket.

    In addition, Jedi sometimes carry a one-time use Mind Trick card to extend your game.

    Well, we want to do a bounty hunter game similar to that. "Wanted by The Empire" is the temporary title. We are collecting ideas and feedback, so let's hear it!

    The rough idea is this:

    1. People would approach the 501st booth (or TDH if they have one) to pick up the special artwork badge cover for the hunt.

    2. Each badge has a special code on it. 1/2 these codes are for people who are pro-Empire; they get entered into one raffle. We hunt them, collect their badges, and then they get a raffle ticket.

    But 1/2 the badges are Wanted by the Empire codes. We ask our victim if they want to play along, and then escort the victim to a camera-okay area, take their picture being arrested, and put the pic up in the 501st booth on a board (successful Hunts of the Day). Or something like that. This is where y'all leap in and suggest things.

    Now there are also a few very special, and rare badge codes, for say, Galactic Crimelords. Those people get their pictures taken before they leave the booth and we make a wanted poster at the booth for us bounty hunters to check before we go on the hunt.

    I was thinking that people could contribute some money to charity to buy into the categories of hunted for their friends, and apply the badge to the victim with the appropriate hunting level sticker on it... that could be interesting.

    3. Find prey in the crowds, collect the badges and give them the raffle tickets to redeem at the booth. We can make the BH tickets look different from the Droid Hunt tickets in case both games are in motion.

    Also, the mind trick cards might be floating around from the Droid Hunt, would those work on us too? They are one-time only confusion things.

    All right, you bounty hunters, pipe up. I want to hear your ideas. We gotta reward people for playing, encourage donations to charity, give us bounty hunters some targets, and make this simple and fun for everyone.

    Deunan "Shiruba"
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