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    Oct 12, 2008, 3:52 AM - FX rivere´s Ark the raider of my money and others. #1

    It was early 2007 that I saw that FX Riviere was telling people he was starting a run of a fill size ARK the price was 1000$ including shipping. I decided to hop on the band wagon and order one. I payed with paypal the 1000bucks and the wait started.

    He said it would be ready in 3 to 4 weeks. Later it got delayed as he had problem with the fiberglass curing. Then it was the shipping company, than it was the shipping company again because they held the shippment in there warehous. Then he said he was suing the shipping company. I then thought hey maybe this will be at my doorstep soon. But NO than anther chapter begins he claims he shipped the ark that was weeks after I e-mailed him asking about what was going on. I went to every shipping company here in Iceland, The Icelandic Post, DHL USPS and Icecargo. The were no records of a package to my name or address from France. And belive me everything is recorded and should have atleast had a report from the customs asking me to come down with a recipt. Nothing came.

    FXRiviere claimed he shipped another one since the last one got lost, but nothing, I went through the usual channels asking around, but nothing.

    I sent him an e-mail July and gave him ultimatums, either he would refund me or I would go to the forums and a police charge would be filed where he would be charged with fraud and theft. He said I would get a refund in August. But nothing yet.

    I know he made 13 Arks or so he claims it would be nice if those who ordered would chime in. I know of one who did not get an ARK.

    I´ve been ordering from all over the world for many years and I also have shipped all over the world and never ever had any problem nothing lost "slight delays" but nothing serious. No one has ever scammed me out of money until now.

    And come to think of it I even offered to cover the shipping charges for FX.

    THe reason I´ve been holding on to this is that people here have talked about how stand up guy he is. Here is a quote from another thread about him

    „I will echo that statement as well on the basis of my contacts with Doc, who by all accounts is a nice guy. I doubt highly he's attempting to take money from people. It is however, very evident from the pics I've seen of his kits that they were done very poorly. I'm hoping that in the end Doc will do the right thing and save his reputation, which is on the line now.“

    I wanted to belive that he was no scam but under the circumstace he is a Liar and a thief. Beware he scammed me out of 1000 $.

    I´m waiting on a contact info for the police in France. I´m a police officer for 10 years and a member of the IPA (International Police Association) as I´m preparing to file charges but I´m also at that point to let every one know, lick my wounds and head on.

    A deal that started great ended in dissaster. I told FX that I would go to the forums and I never had any reply. Now it looks like he vanished.

    Hilmir "mobius" Kolbeins
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