Okay, so I know this isn't at all Star Wars related, but I thought it a pretty good story to share.

So the SecDef (Secretary of Defense) is coming to Fort Lewis, and since I didn't take leave, I'm one of the lucky guys who gets to be part of a demonstration/display for him. My actual "position" is a Vehicle Commander on one of the new Stryker tactical vehicles, so basically I am signed for/in charge of/100% responsible for a $4mil vehicle.

...now for the humorous part.

My unit went through a huge effort to get us ALL brand new gear right from CIF (Central Issue/Issuance Facility), pouches, ect. all in the exact same spot. Then, for the rehearsal (today) they change it so that vehicle crews are just wearing nomex coveralls/eye pro/CVC (Combat Vehicle Crew member) helmet, and maybe nomex gloves, that's up in the air right now. Now for the freaking great part, they decided to move me to the MGS (Mobile Gun System, Stryker with a 105mm cannon on it) for the display. I am a Vehicle Commander on an ICV (Infantry Carrier/Carrying Vehicle), NOT an MGS, I don't know ANYTHING about an MGS, the only stuff I know is what pertains to the basic Stryker hull, which is modular, so it allows for many varients.

But yeah, throw me on a vehicle that I don't know ANYTHING about. I just hope to God the SecDef doesn't ask me anything about it, and just talks to the Captain that's also on the vehicle, and is an actual tanker/armor guy.