FS: 99.5% completed Boba Fett

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    FS: 99.5% completed Boba Fett

    Don't know to much on the orgin of some of these parts. Some I bought here on TDH and others off Ebay. They are high quality parts and although this costume looks weird on the maniquin I used,...it's because the maniquin is about 6'4 and maybe 180 pounds. Shoe size is 10.5 if I recall. Spent over 2k for this, will sell for 1k. Also Selling my MoCal Zam Wesell costume.

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    Re: FS: 99.5% completed Boba Fett

    this is just my opinion but i think it needs to be weathered a bit more

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    Re: FS: 99.5% completed Boba Fett


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