Fett wheat chest symbol in "How to Train Your Dragon"?

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    Fett wheat chest symbol in "How to Train Your Dragon"?

    So I took the family to see this tonight and theres a scene where the main character kid is reading a book about the different dragons and on the bottom of a page screen left there is what looks almost exactly like the "wheat" chest symbol. It is a little bit stylized but it's facing the same way and even in a circle. A little too coincidental to me. Some animator HAS got to be a fan.

    If you have not seen the movie already, and are planning to, LOOK FOR IT and post what you think.
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    Re: Fett wheat chest symbol in "How to Train Your Dragon"?

    I saw it too, but I think it was drawing of the dragon's spiked tail, with the circle added to embellish the importance of it. The angle and shape was similar to the wheat symbol.

    To be honest, when I first saw it, it did remind me of the wheat symbol as well. Guess we got Fett on the brain.

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