Fett Project (Halloween 2011)

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    Fett Project (Halloween 2011)

    I wanted to share some pics of the Boba Fett costume I made last fall. I tried to go as accurate as possible with the limited amount of time that I had. (2 weeks) I ordered pre cut sintra from a seller on e-bay. I also ordered a actual fighter pilot jump suit and a helmet made by Rubies. (which I had to modify) I used a dremel to removed and open up the visor.
    I cut and shaped 1/2in limo tinted plexi-glass and used hot glue and clamps to fit into place. I fixed the female velcro tape to the jump suit and glued the male velcro to the underside of the armor. I painted and applied accurate battle damage (dremel) and then I hand painted the Bantha skull to the shoulder armor. I purchased a wig at a CVS pharmacy and spent the day making wookie braids. I made a custom belt using thick red yarn and a double clasp.
    The gun I bought at a local toy store- I used rough grit metallic spray paint to avoid looking like I was carrying a kiddie gun. It looked awesome.
    I did not have time to make proper gauntlets, so I found some youth soccer shin guards, sanded them down and sprayed with red primer. I used a shemagh I got in Iraq for the cape.
    The boots were my Oakley desert combat boots, light dusting of metallic spray paint. Unfortunatley I did not have the time to make a jet pack. I also did not have a suitable utility belt.
    My wife is pictured as American McGees Alice- I could not get her to wear Leias Slave costume due to the weather being pretty chilly that night.
    I wore the costume the next day at the mall when I took my son trick-or treating....I had a line of kids following me around.

    Hope you enjoy the pics- feel free to shoot me any questions or comments

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    Re: Fett Project (Halloween 2011)

    Very resourceful. That's pretty good for only having two weeks to work on it.

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