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Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

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    Jan 2008
    Greensburg Indiana

    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!


    Miami, FL
    Greensboro, NC
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Minneapolis, MN
    Baltimore, MD
    Indianapolis, IN
    Providence, RI
    Kansas City, MO
    Cincinnati, OH
    Memphis, TN

    WHATS THAT??? INDY?!?!?! YESS!!!!! I AM SO THERE!!

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    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

    I saw it opening night here in Orlando (Thursday at midnight) and it was great. But I went with a friend who isn't a big Star Wars nerd and she didn't get 75% of the jokes and cameos. So that might be why it isn't doing as well as it should be.

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    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

    Cincinnati!!!! Finally!

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    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

    man this film needs to come to dallas or fortworth

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    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

    LOL--finally in Indiana!! Can't wait to see this one!


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    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

    i saw it the other day. it was pretty funny. there are so many starwars jokes it is hilarious. and they are jokes you cant write or get unless if you really are a fan. you cant fake that.

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    Greensburg Indiana


    Los Angeles
    1. AMC Town Center 8 Burbank
    2. AMC Block 30 @ Orange Orange

    3. AMC South Barrington 30 South Barrington

    4. AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20 Danvers
    5. Landmark Theaters Kendall Square Cinema 9 Cambridge

    Washington, DC
    6. AMC Hoffman Center 22 Alexandria
    7. Phoenix Adlabs Theatres Union Station 9 Washington

    8. AMC Forum 30 - Sterling Hts Sterling Heights
    9. Centurion Uptown Birmingham 8 Birmingham

    10. Paulson Theatre Services Plaza Theatre Atlanta
    11. Regal Entertainment Group North Point Market 8 Alpharetta

    Minneapolis-St. Paul (New Market)
    12. Carmike Cinemas, Inc. Oakdale 20 Oakdale
    13. Kerasotes Theatres Block E 15 Minneapolis
    14. Regal Entertainment Group Brooklyn Center 20 Brooklyn

    Cleveland (New Market)
    15. Co-operative Theatres of Ohio Atlas Great Lakes Stadium 16 (formerly Mall 9 Mentor
    16. Florin Creative Management Shaker Square Cinemas Shaker Heights

    Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (New Market)

    17. AMC Sunset Place 24 Theatres South Miami
    18. Regal Entertainment Group Sawgrass 23 Sunrise

    19. AMC Westgate 20 Theatres Glendale
    20. AMC Deer Valley 30 + Imax Phoenix
    21. Harkins Theatres Harkins Chandler Fashion Center 20 Chandler
    22. Harkins Theatres Arizona Mills 24 Theatre Tempe

    23. AMC Westminster Promenade 24 Westminster

    Pittsburgh (New Market)
    24. AMC Waterfront Theatare West Homestead

    Orlando-Daytona Bch-Melbrn
    25. AMC Universal Cineplex 20 Orlando
    26. Regal Entertainment Group Pointe 21 Theaters Orlando
    27. Regal Entertainment Group Oviedo Marketplace 22 Oviedo

    Baltimore (New Market)
    28. Bow Tie Cinemas Annapolis Mall 11 Cinema Annapolis
    29. Muvico Theaters Egyptian 24 Hanover

    Indianapolis (New Market)
    30. Kerasotes Theatres Showplace 16 Indianapolis
    31. Regal Entertainment Group Shiloh Crossing 18 Avon

    Hartford & New Haven
    32. Bow Tie Cinemas Hartford Palace 17 Hartford

    33. Cinema Service Company Raleigh Grand Raleigh

    Kansas City (New Market)
    34. AMC Barrywoods 24 Kansas City
    35. AMC Studio 29 Olathe
    36. Cinemark USA Palace 15 Kansas City

    Cincinnati (New Market)

    37. AMC AMC Newport on the Levee 20 Newport

    Columbus, OH
    38. AMC Lennox 24 Columbus
    39. Marcus Theatres Pickerington Pickerington

    Memphis (New Market)
    40. Malco Theatres Studio on the Square 5 Memphis

    Greensboro-H. Point-W. Salem (New Market)
    41. Carmike Cinemas, Inc. Carmike 18 Greensboro
    42. Independent Theatre Booking Carousel Greensboro

    Providence-New Bedford (New Market)
    43. Cinema Film Buying Cinema World 16 Lincoln Lincoln
    44. Cinema Management Company, Inc. Island Cinemas 10 Middletown
    45. National Amusements Providence Place 16 Providence

    46. Cinema Service Company Alamo South Lamar Austin

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    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

    what do all the cities have in common? No where near me!

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    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

    still no dallas =( or fort worth i really dont want to do a road trip and i dont want to wait till the dvd

    the choices =/

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    Virginia Beach,VA

    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

    man, that's too bad. I live in Va Beach. Can't roadtrip to D.C., not for this movie!

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    Mankato, MN

    Re: Fanboys goes to 10 more cities!!!

    Saw it in Hollywood at the Mann Theaters next to Grauman's Chinese Theater last week. Thought it was really funny and enjoyed it quite a bit. The Star Wars quotes / references will definitely go over most people's heads though...

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