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Dragon Con pictures

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    Re: Dragon Con pictures

    Your Gree armor looks phenomenal. Love the paint and wear work.

    The Alien Nostromo space suit award was well deserved. The bronze work gives it a slight nod to steampunk.

    LOVED the Chewbacca Mighty Mug, and the two Slave Leias after that photo (my goodness, that girl on the left is probably the most photographed in the fandom! Who is she, anyway?)

    The Bumblebee was indeed awesome. Would have loved to see more wear and carbon scoring, etc. and to make the armor appear thicker.

    The first Tony Stark - is that Vaderpainter? (Jim Bean or what'shisname?)

    And the first Comedian was a great likeness.

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    Re: Dragon Con pictures

    Awesome pictures, definatly wanna go there some day... ooow what cool would that event be!

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    Re: presents Dragon*Con 2009

    That Zam was me. I didn't know you took that picture Thomas.

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    Re: Dragon Con pictures

    It's been a while! I need to scrounge and find my Dragon Con Pics! Good to see some faces from the past!

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