Deathstroke/Ravager costumes from DC'07

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    Deathstroke/Ravager costumes from DC'07

    Last year in January I decided for Dragoncon'07 I wanted to go as my favorite comic book villain/anti-hero Deathstroke. I toyed on and off with doing it and finally finished around a week before I left. 3 weeks before DC my girlfriend decided she wanted to do a Ravager outfit, so we did that too.

    The only thing I didn't do was sew the spandex together to make the bodysuits. Everything else was done by me. I can't sew so there were a lot of glue-this-glue-that moments and creative thinking.

    Hope you guys enjoy!


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    Re: Deathstroke/Ravager costumes from DC'07

    Looks awesome!!! Love the boots!

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    Re: Deathstroke/Ravager costumes from DC'07

    Thanks, mine were cheapies from eBay and hers were som cheap leather boots we found. The cuffs were made out of vinyl and everything was sprayed with nu-life vinyl spray then coated with krylon. My boots never cracked (even after all this time). Hers were rushe and have cracked some.

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    Re: Deathstroke/Ravager costumes from DC'07

    Better hope that the pin in the grenade in that last pic is nice and secure!!
    Nice Costumes..

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