1. Feb 2, 2009, 1:18 PM - .............. D: #1

    You know, sometimes I see things that just make me want to cry.

    Then I share them with other people.
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  3. BobaFett76's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Feb 2, 2009, 1:33 PM - Re: .............. D: #2

    stupid girls! Oh oh oh....

    I have doubts that my girl friend will do one day the same to my Boba costume... She hates STAR WARS espacialy Boba Fett. Cause i spend in her eyes too much time with my Bobafetish...

    Possible a padlock for my costume alu box would be a good money investigation!

    And by the way: Its a scout! Daffy Girl!

  4. Boba Leo's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Feb 2, 2009, 2:09 PM - Re: .............. D: #3

    Guys, if you look again, there is another video in you tube where they explain that was a joke and that it was not really authenticate, anyway if my girlfriend or my wife makes that, everything ends in that moment!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DutchFett's Avatar
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    Feb 2, 2009, 2:18 PM - Re: .............. D: #4

  6. I helped at SDCC '08 NovallTalon's Avatar
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    Feb 2, 2009, 2:48 PM - Re: .............. D: #5

    Yeah, that was a pretty funny joke. Had that been for real, well I'm sure we would have heard something on the nightly news about the boyfriend freaking out and going on a murder rampage over his scout trooper.
  7. Formerly saint nasty Mike M.'s Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Feb 2, 2009, 2:52 PM - Re: .............. D: #6

    that one surfaced a few months ago and there was a great deal of discussion as to the validity of the video. it let me to start using saying "iwbghtcab" with greater frequency. if you don't know what that means pm me and i'll hook ya up.
  8. phx417g's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Feb 2, 2009, 3:32 PM - Re: .............. D: #7

    My Name is Dan Johnson and I am with the Scout Trooper Collectible Insurance Claim Department - this man has been charged with fraud and all of you are now accomplishes. Please go down to your nearest police department and turn yourselves in...

    Cruel joke, but nevertheless the video was entertaining!!
  9. Member Since
    Dec 2002
    Feb 2, 2009, 7:17 PM - Re: .............. D: #8

    That was kinda disturbing for a moment I started to wonder how truly and spiteful a person can get. Thank goodness for that second video, it released some tension.
  10. Feb 2, 2009, 7:55 PM - Re: .............. D: #9

    last girl i dated went a lil psyco i told her it wasn't working and she flipped out and grabbed my mystery helmet and was gonna throw it out my window.....lucky me i grabbed her brand new black berry and i swear i said these words "Put the helmet down or the phone gets it!!"....... got the mystery lid back no harm done but she never coming to my house again thats for sure

    out there some where that video is a true story