Custom-Made Baby Diaper Covers

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    Custom-Made Baby Diaper Covers

    This may be way weird for some.

    I was thinking that some proud parents, or Aunt's or friend's may love to have one of these......... but in a Star Wars print.........

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    Re: Diaper Covers

    Yes! We are expecting our first girl on or around January 8th, and I've been looking for Star Wars stuff for her of course!

    This would be perfect!

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    Re: Diaper Covers

    I'd love to own a pair of those! It would match my eyes perfectly!!!

    Kidding! but its still a great idea for babys (even though i am tempted to get myself a pair!)

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    Re: Diaper Covers

    Hm, Adult diaper covers, interesting concept.

    R F LOL

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    Re: Diaper Covers

    I will keep you posted Jeff

    This is in the concept stage.

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