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    Jan 30, 2010, 12:39 AM - Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #1

    I just thought this would make an interesting discusssion..

    If we assemble the toughest & meanest armies from the Sci- Fi & Horror genre, and have them fight each other, in a no hold barred, fight to the death contest, who do you think who would win, (The last one standing) and which one would be the weakest? (The first to go.)

    The list are:

    1. Army Of Mandalorians. (Including Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Fenn Shysha, Tobbi Dala, Mirta Gev, and Jaster Mereel.)

    2. Army of "Aliens" and the "Alien Queen". (The movies with the Colonial Space Marines and actress, Sigourney"Ripley" Weaver in it.)

    3. Army of "Predators". (From the Predator movies.)

    4. Army of The "Borg" and the "Borg Queen". (From Star Trek.)

    5. Army of "Terminators". (Including the T-800,and the T-1000)

    6. Army of Vampires and Werewolves. (The version from "Underworld", and "Van Helsing" movies. No, NOT the "Twilight" version.)

    Personally, I thought the vampires & werewolves would be the weakest, because they can't bite the "Alien" with their acid blood, and they can't bite the Borg because they would be "assimilated". The Terminators wouldn't be affected, and the Predators may be immune to it due to their alien chemistry. The Mandalorians would be affected by their bite, but they wouldn't let the vampires and werewolves get that close.

    It's interesting that when I had a discussion with various sci-fi fans about this, many came out with different answers. Some said the Borg would win, some said the Mandalorians would win, some said that the Terminators would come out on top, while some said that the Predators or Aliens would win.

    So who do you think would be the toughest & meanest army in the galaxy?
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    Jan 30, 2010, 3:03 AM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #2

    I'll rank them in order of most powerful to least:

    1. Mandalorians: United we stand, divided we stand. Basically, we just stand on your shebs until you cry for mercy. Predator might hunt Aliens, but when it comes down to it, when you absolutely need something dead, you call the Mando'ade.

    2. Predators: As evidenced by the films, the Aliens are the "big game" of the Predator world. Sure, they're fierce, but these mask wearing, invisible turning, small nuke carrying creatures hunt the Aliens for sport. I'd be willing to bet that there are some Alien skin rugs in the average Predator's home.

    3. The Borg: Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. We shall add your distinctiveness to our own.

    4. Aliens: Acid blood, ability to survive in almost any environment, shyeah. They'd be pretty scary, when compared to the next choice.

    5. Vamps and Weres: Power, seduction, mystery. They're strong, sure, but only when compared to us measly mortals.

    6. Terminators: Seriously? I'm more afraid of Artoo and Threepio.
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    Jan 30, 2010, 12:09 PM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #3

    Ok i'll bite. This is my Scenario.

    Being Immune to all effects of any Vampire or Werewolf Attack the Terminators make short work of them having almost no weakness against the foe. Soon after the Aliens attack the Terminators tearing some to shreds but overall the Terminators are victorious based on the Aliens inability to breed from the non humans. Soon what is left of the Terminators come into connect with the Borg, the cyberdine system in a very weak state join willingly.

    Meanwhile The Mando army take heavy casualties from the Predator forces only due to more advanced technology, and being able to see heat signatures with there helmets as well. The Borg army with its new upgrade, make what is left of the Mando Army join by force and assimilate.

    Winner -The Borg-
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    Jan 31, 2010, 7:33 AM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #4

    The Mandalorians: Well, if they armored with Beskar they should make a hard stand. And the Advancement of the Buy'cu would it make difficult for a vampire to get a piece to bite. As well as it protects against oralraping facehuggers. And with advanced Scanners in the HuD they could make a fair stand against the predators. The Armor also protect for assimilation at a low level. But having Gauntlets with Blades would make a close combat situation not so bad. And as long as the Ammo keeps up they should have no problem with the Terminators when keeping them on distant. Energie weapons do affect the Terminators. The Borg not but they cant block Projectile Weapns like the Verpine (which would also affect the weaker spot of the terminators). Atleast they got jetpacks to get on distance... the other partys have not

    The Aliens: Well they got only there bodies in Closequarter combat. They can kill the borgs and vampires (and wolfs) but the borg could assimilate them. The Preds, mandos and termis would just outsnipe them.

    The Predators: They reliie on ther cloaking device and plasma cannon which could give a slight advantage against every other creature... but the aliens, vamps and wolfs could smell them. The Terminators and Mandos could also have a device for scanning heatsigns - even the Borg?

    The Borg: they could assimilate anyone okay, but because of there assimilation they only get in cqc which is flawed (except with spaceship)

    The Terminators: They could stand against many odds but the acid blood of the aliens could grill there hardware and the Borgs are keen on assimilating other technicals.

    the vampires / Wolfs: there just **** they would day first.

    Well in the End i guess the Mandalorians would win. There Gear and Weapons can be used against any of these enemies.
    they would take casualties for sure. But they survive

    Oh And besides: They know tactical retreat -> regroup When it comes to the clash of all toghether they would retreat and come in 5 minutes later killing the survivors. xD

    Quote Nau'ur Baatir said: View Post
    I'll rank them in order of most powerful to least:

    1. Mandalorians: United we stand, divided we stand. Basically, we just stand on your shebs until you cry for mercy. Predator might hunt Aliens, but when it comes down to it, when you absolutely need something dead, you call the Mando'ade.
    A-team - theme XD
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    Jan 31, 2010, 9:36 AM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #5

    Wait I just realized that The Predator might not Be able to be tracked via Heat Signature. I remember on the Second movie the FBI not being able to see a heat signature while cloaked -reflected heat signature?-, or maybe its there alien blood or perhaps there Cold Blooded since they love Tropical hot weather.

    This would make the outcome vs the Mandalore's very different Hrmmm.

    I think people also forget the Borg Adapt very quickly, Which eventually be immune to everything that's thrown at it.
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    Jan 31, 2010, 10:26 AM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #6

    thats why a Verpine rifle would come in handy. It even strikes through Armorplates. The Borg could adapt the Energieweapons... but to outsmart bullets and knives they need something heavier.

    As far as i remember the Aliens in the Aliens vs Predator Games had somekind of special sight to find predators... it was something whit elektro.... i think
    Maybe the electrolythes...
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    Jan 31, 2010, 4:53 PM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #7

    Hey, what are Vampires and werewolves doing in this discussion anyway? Let's replace them with an army of Spartans with Master Chief at the helm and reboot this scenario.
  9. High Speed Low Drag Fett 4 Real's Avatar
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    Jan 31, 2010, 6:10 PM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #8

    there arent that many spartans
  10. oneone1111's Avatar
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    Jan 31, 2010, 11:19 PM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #9

    Quote Fett 4 Real said: View Post
    there arent that many spartans
    You don't need that many.
  11. Hakaider's Avatar
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    Feb 1, 2010, 1:21 AM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #10

    I would say that the Borg's biggest advantage is their ability to absorb blaster fire, or energy weapons, so this would mean that both the Mandalorians & Predators would have to either use flamethrowers or close combat melee weapons. The problem with close combat with the Borg though, is that you can run the risk being injected with the Borg's "Nanovirus". The Borg's injection process can also penetrate armor, or a starship's computers, so that makes them especially dangerous during close combat. ( The Mandalorians, being humanoids, would not be immune from the effects of the Borg's "Nanovirus". The Predators may also not be immune to their effects.)

    Terminators are pretty much immune to projectiles, melee weapons, and flamethrowers, but not necessarily advanced weaponry like blasters or phasers. They would probadly be affected by the Borg's "Nanovirus" as well.

    In terms of combat ability, it's would be hard to match the Mandalorians and Predators in terms of sheer ferocity,and tactical knowledge, but they both have a warrior code. The Aliens, have a hive mentality so they would do their best to swarm & overwhelm their enemies without any regards to their own lives . Terminators and the Borg have a single mindset to destroy their enemies without any fear or emotions. (The Aliens, Borgs and the Terminators would not retreat in combat irregardless of the circumstances.)

    Would the Borg's "Nanovirus" be able to absorb thru the Alien's acid blood? Hmmm...
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    Feb 1, 2010, 6:33 AM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #11

    There are two armies here that gain allies by defeating foes. The Borg, and the Aliens.. interesting to think that there would be a hybrid of the two. The Aliens would likely spread to all the Borg but their minds would be part of the collective. If the Borg can assimilate the Terminators then the numbers are very high in favor of the Borg. Vamps and Werewolves are almost non existant in this fight, other than being fodder for the Aliens and Borg. My question is, how does Star Wars Technology stack up vs. Star Trek's. Are phasers better than lasers? Who has the better shields? Being make believe technology leaves the outcome of the battle in the hands of whomever is writing the response. (Do the Mando's have Ion guns/canons with them for this fight? lol) I don't know much about Predators to comment, but I think they are a warrior race. I would hope that they would ally with the Mandalorians to even the fight.

    Mandalorians: High chances
    Predators: I can't say
    Wolves/Vamps: No chance
    Borg: High chances
    Terminators: If they are immune to assimilation, then they would do pretty well.

    I can't believe I responded to this topic! XD
  13. Feb 14, 2010, 5:08 PM - Re: Contest Of The Champions-Last One Standing.. #12

    So the choices are...

    1. Army Of Mandalorians.
    2. Army of "Aliens" and the "Alien Queen".
    3. Army of "Predators".
    4. Army of The "Borg" and the "Borg Queen".
    5. Army of "Terminators".
    6. Army of Vampires and Werewolves.

    So let's look at this as all "universe's" weapons are of equal quality, devastation, etc... no one "universe" automatically wins out.

    Manadorians being humanoid are totally at the mercy of such nastiness as the alien acid blood and the Borg nanovirus. This being the case - as soon as one is captured and assimilated by the Borg - their way of battle tactics, planning, retreat spots, caches of weaponry, etc would be known to the Borg.

    Their best option for both survival and victory would be to jetpack to a safe locale and let the rest of the forces battle it out then hope for a tactical opportunity to attack who or whatever remains once they assessed the fact the Borg are a VERY dominant opponent.

    The Aliens - while killer (pun intended) at CQB - I'm not sure they would fair well against the Terminators. While they might eventually recognize them as a threat - they give off no signatures of being living creatures worthy of infesting. Remember how stupid they were when they tried to attack LV-426's sentry guns and took massive casualties? They just kept coming.

    Now they CAN infest the Mandalorians, the Borg, and the Predators... and the werewolves... but oddly I think the vamps would be safe for similar reasons to that of the Terminators... they're already dead. An infestation would be worthless to the Aliens. Not that a vamp would attack an alien either once it realized it would kill itself in the process with the acidic blood.

    All in all --- I think the Aliens would be a weaker link in the battle other than to inflict some serious casualties in both death and severe injury.

    Predators... much like the Mandos... tactical and technological advantages. I think they'd let the game play itself out and try to maintain distance and numbers as long as possible until it came down to the battle finale.

    Borg... ah the Borg... they stand a good chance of both assimilating many - and killing many... unless that is everyone realizes they are totally destroyable by explosives and projectile weapons. Sure they have shields to energy weapons - but toss a ballistic weapon in the mix and they're hosed!

    I also respectively submit that the nanovirus would do nothing to the Terminators. Sure they have a processor and such - but all in all - they are pretty hard-wired devices. Pre-programmed killing machines. They couldn't really be "assimilated" in a traditional sense. The Borg would be better off just killing them - if they didn't get killed by a Terminator punching through a Borg's head first. Likewise - what good would the nanovirus do to a Vampire? Nothing. They're already dead!

    Terminators... much like the Aliens I think they're good for collateral damage - and not much more. Eventually they'll be widdled down in numbers to the point where they can easily be picked off. Great cannon fodder and initial melee combatants - but in the end - they'll just be scrap metal on the battlefield.

    Vamps and Werewolves... screw the wolves... they'll be assimilated, acid washed, or otherwise blown to bits... its the Vamps that actually may stand a legitimate chance here. Shoot them - they don't die. Inject them with nanoviruses - they don't get infected. Predator heat sigs won't see them... aliens won't likely bother them. All in all I think they could stand a valid chance of longer term survival than on thinks --- especially since they retain their intelligence if not a more ruthless survival instinct than any of our other combatants (experts and the hide and wait tactic!)...

    So here is how I see the breakdown...

    Terminators... Aliens... Werewolves... all toss down right out of the gate and off each other pretty substantially save some stragglers.

    Borg come in surviving the melee the most - but at substantial casualties...

    The next phase of the battle begins with the Mandos and the Predators stepping in...

    Pretty even pitch battle with excellent display of tactics as well as some valid one-on-one throw downs of honor and skill... in the course of that battle the Borg are wiped out.

    The Vamps sit back and let the melee continue until the numbers hit an advantageous opportunity for them to engage. Mandos and Predators - while weakened in numbers - fight back quite well - eventually wiping out the vamps because they could sustain the battle until daylight - also realizing that trapping the Vamps in a situation where they couldn't retreat would be their undoing.

    Predators in the end find themselves at the losing end of the final pitch battle against the Mandos for the following reasons:
    1. Mandos will utilize hit and fade tactics - even from range - that the Predators will not be able to match
    2. Mandos - while inferior in direct hand-to-hand combat, do have enough close range weaponry to wound the Predators enough to prevent them from going cloak.
    3. When the Predators finally go for the honorable way out and go to nuke everything --- the Mandos will still have their jetpacks to retreat - thus saving them in the end (albeit not the most honorable victory).

    This will all be well and good until the Mandos.. as they gather to check their final numbers and converse - walk over the ridge to an entire valley of Alien eggs - with facehuggers galore rushing them!


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