Confused about therpf

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    Confused about therpf

    Hi guys,

    I was looking at some pepakura stuff on site and went there today to find that there is a notice about the FBI and the site has be seized etc, etc, my question is how is this site different from Movie Props, Costumes and Scale Models | the RPF Are they technically different owners? Also, which site used to have the starry background and let you only join for one week every three months?

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    Re: Confused about therpf

    That is a fake site. From what I just read on the real site the hacker has set up some kind of Trojan virus to get those that log in. BEWARE. Do not go to that site. It's FAKE.

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    Re: Confused about therpf

    The first link is the original, but was hacked and hijaked. The second link goes to the real forum until the first one will be recovered.

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    Art won the arbitration to reclaim the domain for theRPF. So hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

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    Re: Confused about therpf

    The old site will be back on April 25.

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    Re: Confused about therpf

    Art sent emails out last night explaining that the RPF domain will be back tomorrow.

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