conflicting prices

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    conflicting prices

    I was browsing a site called and looking at their MR buckets when i came across a regular Ep. III clone.

    then i came across another one, but for $100 more.

    anyone know why this one ( costs so much more than this one (


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    Re: conflicting prices

    From what I can tell, the more expensive of the two is Limited Edition and comes with a display stand and certificate of authenticity, and only 2500 were produced. That's just what I gathered by skimming through the descriptions of each. Other than that, there doesn't appear to be any real differences, they are both fiberglass and wearable.

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    Re: conflicting prices

    Oh wow, ever since MR stoped selling star wars items, I think the value of all their stuff went up. My gf got me a clone helmet from actually, but that was when it was only $199!

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    Re: conflicting prices

    ^oh jeez, i guess i'm just late in the game.
    most of their buckets now are upwards of $350. the second clone helmet is the cheapest i can find.

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