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    Jul 9, 2010, 12:22 AM - Comic-Con 2010 - Costumers needed for newspaper #1

    I need costumers for a newspaper article for the Union-Tribune. Any takers? Get your pic in the paper? It's not a smear piece, I know the dude and he's on the level. He did a piece on me and my group 2 years ago. A quote from the reporter in an e-mail just a few minutes ago:

    My story is about as ComicCon descends on San Diego, we would like to run a series of portraits of individuals in character costume. The plan calls for taking a stylized portrait of several San Diegans in their character costume. Each character would be photographed at a specific San Diego location starting next week. And in the end, the series of portraits (Im hoping for 12 individuals) would run in the San Diego Union-Tribune on opening day of ComicCon. Just an example would be say something like a Storm Trooper character photographed on board the Star of India.
    Anyone? The dude has been asking me to help find costumers for the last 3 days and every forum I post on seems to yield little results. Everyone's cool wearing it in public, just not talking to a reporter for a positive piece about our hobby. ( Seems weird to me but.... )

    PM me and I'll send you the guy's phone number and/or e-mail. Whichever you feel comfortable with. He's hoping to see some people this weekend or next at the absolute latest. Can anyone help this reporter out?

    - Bryan

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    Jul 9, 2010, 2:57 AM - Re: Comic-Con 2010 - Costumers needed for newspaper #2

    lame, i would absolutely do this if i lived anywhere near the San Diego area... I'm surprised more people don't jump on this either :P but i do love attention, so that could explain it haha
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    Jul 15, 2010, 2:55 PM - Re: Comic-Con 2010 - Costumers needed for newspaper #3

    Sorry, but most people I know don't want their name and picture in the media related to something like this. I know I certainly don't want my name/picture in the Union-Tribune. The piece could be super positive and it still doesn't matter, many readers will view it in a negative light.

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