Clone wars ''bounty hunters''

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    Clone wars ''bounty hunters''

    Ok all, for those who seen season 2 of Clone Wars today, how was it?
    I loved it I think Cad Bane is awesome he's truly a cold calculating menacing bounty hunter. Overall it seems like this seasons episodes will bring a deeper and darker side to the stories. I cant wait to see the Mandelorians in action. How about the rest of you's what do you all think?

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    Re: Clone wars ''bounty hunters''

    I dug it. I think last season was a bit too kiddie, but this one is looking to have a bit more for the older fans. We shall see. I'm pretty excited for the Mandos to show up!

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    Re: Clone wars ''bounty hunters''

    The new episode was awesome. I hope the darker stories will change some of the haters minds. And there'll be Mandoooooos!
    I also can't wait to see someone trooping as Cad Bane.

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    Re: Clone wars ''bounty hunters''

    Enjoyed it...good start to a new season, liked the bounty hunters.

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