Casio mq-1 anyone?

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    Casio mq-1 anyone?

    Im just wondering if theres anyone who wants to buy a Casio mq-1?

    / Jenny, Penu.

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    Re: Casio mq-1 anyone?

    how much?

    an introduction would be nice.

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    Re: Casio mq-1 anyone?

    Sorry guys..

    My name is Jenny Lvgre, I live in Sweden - Gvle. Im a fan of Star wars but dont own an Boba Fett costume, sadly.. And Ive got one casio mq-1 that im considering to sell if the right offer occurs of course.. But Ive seen them go for around 100-180max.
    Suggest an offer? =)

    / Jenny, Penu

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    Re: Casio mq-1 anyone?

    welcome aboard Jenny from Sweden.
    This would belong in the "Cargo Hold" (which you can't access yet because you are brand new.)
    When you can post there, you need to put a specific price.

    This thread will be very helpful to you when you are ready to sell something;
    Announcements - The Cargo Hold

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    Re: Casio mq-1 anyone?

    thanks and thank you for the tip!
    theres so many threads so I just picked the best one.. Sorry for that!

    / Jenny

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