Boba Tattoo

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    Boba Tattoo

    Well first off since this is my first post in these forums, hello! I'm going to be reading up and learning slowly but surely how to make my own costume but in the mean time I figured this is a great place to show off my newest tattoo. To give a brief description, I got this here in Okinawa, Japan (I am a U.S. Marine almost finished with my 2 year deployment here) and it was pretty interesting, as it was done mostly all in translation because the artist did not speak any English. He went solely on my directions that an employee wrote down for him. Every Marine has some sort of dark hobby of theirs that they keep for themselves, and mine is definitely Star Wars. I've always wanted a tattoo of it to show off my love so I decided now was the time. And of course I would get my favorite character, the most ****** bounty hunter in the galaxy! Thanks for viewing!


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    Re: Boba Tattoo

    Ooh very cool! Any other tatts to show off?

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    Re: Boba Tattoo


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    Re: Boba Tattoo

    Very nice!

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