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    Oct 10, 2010, 2:12 AM - Boba in The Force Unleashed Vol. 2 (Comic)...oh brother #1

    Just stumbled upon this. While I haven't picked up the issue, the preview alone just kind of let out a rant that's been pent up in me for quite some time in relation to all of this added canon that seems to be going on in the Star Wars universe. Before I go on, you can preview a bit of the comic here: Preview :: Dark Horse Comics

    Such a different approach to Boba than what we've been reading in the novelizations of him (especially Tales of the Bounty Hunter). From what I gather in those first pages alone, whoever decided to pen this comic had it in their head to make Boba just like every cliche bad-boy we've seen the past 20 years...a buff "cool-guy" who's always in a predicament with an attractive femme fatale. There's bottles of booze littered across their bedroom, disheveled sheets (I think us grown ups can put two and two together with Boba and this new bounty hunter female Xasha), and flirty dialogue. Not only that, he's lounging in half of his flightsuit (a little hard to only sport half of a ONE-piece, no?), no shoes, relaxing on the couch, etc.

    This just doesn't fit, and even though good ol' George gave this a passing "A-ok", I really don't want to consider this to be the stature of our ruthless bounty hunter we've all known and loved for years.

    Clone...ok, not what I was expecting for an origin, but I guess it fits the Jango storyline well. Wife and kids? authors are trying to implant fantasy "what-if's" just to give Boba as much real-world issues readers can relate to, but it sort of works. And now this? Doesn't this completely throw the Sintas storyline out the window?

    All of this "Boba Exposure" completely takes away from his allure. He's getting slapped with too many qualities that an everyday Joe can relate to. It doesn't make him unique, it doesn't give him this sense of "Fear me". And it's not just this comic, there's countless others (Twin Engines of Destruction for one) that give him a bunch of bad one-liners.

    Tales of the Bounty Hunter had it right. The whole "no drugs/drinking/no non-marital sex" virtues, the ice-cold enforcement of personal morality, the harsh methods of doing business just made him something so socially distant, so uncomfortably different that it fueled his mystique. The fact that he did EVERYTHING in his armor, from eating through his helmet's devices to sleeping in a chair with his eyes open to guard Leia was so militant, so overbearingly alert and disciplined that it truly pictured him as an elite operator in a very dangerous galaxy. A galaxy in which he had no problem moving through.

    Growing up as a kid, my image of Boba greatly differed from what we mostly see now. Under the helmet he wasn't this dashing New Zealander that had the physique of a football player. He was a muscularly slim, sinewy killer with a gaunt, weathered face. No sense of humor, no sense of pity. Respected women and children, lent no mercy to his targets. He wasn't sadistic, he wasn't spiteful. He was efficient. He was cold and calculating. He was someone that exuded an aura of death wherever he walked. Most of all...he was lonely. No girlfriend, no interest in mingling with females for pleasure. From the moment he woke up to the second he retired for the day, he was in constant predator mode.

    I was going to write a lot more about how all of this glorified fan-fiction that these Lucas writers are coming up with is destroying the canon that we all grew up with, but its almost 3 in the morning.

    I'd love to hear from all of you TDH members on here in regards to the direction Boba's going.
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    Oct 10, 2010, 2:55 AM - Re: Boba in The Force Unleashed Vol. 2 (Comic)...oh brother #2


    This just looks like another example of a bad comic book. Generic dialogue, generic art with the same old cliche's for the bad guy. I'd say that I'm surprised in GL approving this, but it's been proven time and time again that he could care less for the integrity of his franchise story line.
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    Oct 10, 2010, 8:33 AM - Re: Boba in The Force Unleashed Vol. 2 (Comic)...oh brother #3

    I agree, stuff like this I just tend to ignore, like it never happened. The same thing with the new version of Mandalore in the Clone Wars series, I just ignore it because Karen Travis's version was sooooo much better.
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    Oct 10, 2010, 8:34 AM - Re: Boba in The Force Unleashed Vol. 2 (Comic)...oh brother #4

    In blood lines boba was married and had a daughter even a granddaughter. so the whole family thing doesnt really bug me. what bugs me is the relaxed attitude like everyone is speaking of. even in bloodlines it was stated that boba never took off his helmet to anyone. That is what made it a big deal in blood lines when he took it off in front of his grand daughter and Han Solo.
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    Oct 10, 2010, 8:44 AM - Re: Boba in The Force Unleashed Vol. 2 (Comic)...oh brother #5

    cjack350...Well said I agree with you. The Boba Fett we all grown to know has dramatically changed I always thought he was like a terminator type of man, never sleeps never changes clothing , never eats and never laughs. I guess these are the stories that were missing throughout the years. Ever wondered about his human side? I mean clone or no clone we always knew he was a man after all. Right? However you are right...
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    Oct 10, 2010, 9:29 AM - Re: Boba in The Force Unleashed Vol. 2 (Comic)...oh brother #6

    I'll quote the BS line that keeps getting spouted on other such boards.: "Everything EU can be be still be made to fit with just a few simple lines of explanation."

    Let's just forget it made someone well respected GIVE UP AND QUIT because the CW Team REFUSED to "allow it to fit".

    As for his later stories like the post Vong War stuff, I don't mind it because it showed a bit of growth. He's dealt with some of his, dare I say it, mistakes, shortcomings, even consequences of the way he lived his life.

    He is NOT James Bond, however.
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    Oct 10, 2010, 9:46 AM - Re: Boba in The Force Unleashed Vol. 2 (Comic)...oh brother #7

    Boba Fett will always be the banished Journeyman Protector in my book. Justice is all that he serves. No hanky-panky no wishy washy stuff. I have always loved the parable in that story about the hill slide destroying a village, and the two different causes. That parable summed up Boba Fett in my book.

    I have always stuck to that storyline in my head even though some of the other stories have been decent, and I like Jango (who doesn't fit into the Bounty Hunters story line).

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