Boba Fett Stunt

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    Boba Fett Stunt

    Before packing up my Fett outfit until next Comicon or Halloween, I figured that I would update my pictures from a few years ago doing this in my Scout outfit with new Boba ones. I see why Scout armor was designed the way it was after trying this with the jetpack and gauntlets on!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Boba Fett Stunt

    That's awesome. I bet that picture gets spread all over the web...
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    Dude. That is awesome ! Can't imagine it would be too comfortable with the codpiece! May I post this pic to Facebook?
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    Re: Boba Fett Stunt

    Thanks guys. No, it wasn't comfortable and the jetpack kept knocking my helmet forward, so I was doing the wheelies blind. At least the cod piece hides pee marks. heh!

    Sure, feel free to repost the pic - just remember where it came from!

    I have a few more pix, but don't want to spam the forum.

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    Boba Fett Stunt

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