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Board Names

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    Re: Board Names

    Brak's Buddy said: View Post
    My name comes from Cartoon Planet, a show on Cartoon Network back in the mid 90s that starred Space Ghost, Brak and Zorak. I really liked Zorak but often that name was already taken. Brak, who is Zorak's best friend always refers to Zorak as his "buddy" so instead of "Zorak", I use "Brak's Buddy", because that name is never taken! The funny thing is, most people tend to call me "Braks" and now I am identified more with Brak than Zorak which is disturbing as Brak is a bit of an idiot.... maybe people are trying to tell me something...

    Below is a pic of Zorak (left) and Brak (right).
    Cartoon Planet, as well as Space Ghost Coast to Coast, are quite possibly the best 2 shows ever aired on TV...ever.

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    Re: Board Names

    actually my name was more complex than I really thought. I am a therapist , now as a living. I have gang kids and hard kids no one dares love. At work for the longest time my nickname was " the sarge" I have been into martial arts since i was 11. tomorrow I am 35. I like boba and he fits but when I read Karen Traviss books with skirata and his men it just was too much like the gamers I have and the way we are. It just had too many similarities so I .....took the name and ho[pefully someday soon I will have my armor done. just got the helmet and back plate left to do.

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    Re: Board Names

    I noticed how every Swedish person I saw on this forum (3) had the word "Swede" in their names... so I just had to fall for the peer pressure

    And since my skills are merely mediocre, "Just another" seemed like a properly non-important prefix!

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    Re: Board Names

    My custom Mando's name has changed and evolved on several different occassions. In the current back-story I've begun writing, my Mando was named after the Mandalorian Doctor, Dhagon Ghent by his father, Sano Syntir. Rather than calling him Dhagon all the time, his friends and partners just call him Dha...Hopefully one of these days I'll be finished writing the backstory and I can show it around to see what you think...

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    Re: Board Names

    Spideyfett said: View Post
    Well, pretty self explanatory.....I'm torn between two of my all-time favorite characters....... ......The Hulk and VADER ...
    lol I thought you where named after G-nort and Buzz lightyear, my bad.

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    Re: Board Names

    Okay, me too.
    please don't laught, it makes me crying...
    I saw the ep 4 in 1995, and immediatly became a fan in my heart, but my mother was against this 'too violent movie'. So, I've read all the SW books instead of WATCHING THE 1997 VERSION!!!

    Some years after, I saw ROTJ, and became a great fan of Boba.

    1 month (yes, just 1 month! ) before may 19, 2005, I finally saw The Empire Strikes Back. And, oh Joy! I discovered that the General Maximilian Veers was my favorite Star Wars character.

    General Maximilian Veers was interpreted by Julian Glover.
    due to the fact that I deeply respect the General Veers, I couldn't have a rank superior or same of him, so I became Commander.

    Commander Glover was born.

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    Re: Board Names

    NikNak comes from my earliest days of lan party and direct connect 28.8 modem games. I needed a name that was funny and kina cool. Being young and liking James Bond I decided to go with the sidekick villan from the man with the golden gun. Eversince then it has just kind of stuck with me. The aka was added when many boards and games had people named NikNak or Nick Nack or something of the like. Aka seemed to make sense being that NikNak was an alias.

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    Re: Board Names

    I suck at telling jokes and make them sound funny... so, there you have it...

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    Re: Board Names

    1 guess,its a certain protocol droid;-)

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    Re: Board Names

    i like wolves, my SWG character was named White-Wulf was only after i named myself whitewulf did i find out that 'the white wolves' were an extremist terrorist group, when somebody mentioned it to me. meh...


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    Re: Board Names

    I'm 28 and still think poo is funny. I know the subtitles say "Poodoo" means "fodder"(food)...damn you subtitles, damn you.

    GrendelPrimeReborn said: View Post
    Online gaming forums huh?
    Ever play Soldier of Fortune 2? I'm in the -=MRU=- clan as Grendel Prime there too! -=MRU=- Grendel Prime! WHOOT!
    How long have you played? Do remember a clan called >ESS<? I played that game since launch as >ESS<BadBrains. Peanut and BlueMarlin used to be with us (and their daughter "Tater", and Peanut's brother "Quade"), I know they went on to -=MRU=-, they know me. I can't believe people still play that game. Maybe I'll stop in.

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    bored name

    My bored name is ennui.

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    Re: Board Names

    The Phantom of the Opera + Boba Fett= phantomfett.

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    Re: Board Names

    Not sure...Maybe the picture will give it away!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 111-1151_img-jpg  

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    Re: Board Names

    I much prefer your name Nick over Nickferrari.

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    Re: Board Names

    It's a neat use of the letters b and d
    Last edited by Baddblood; Jun 5, 2008 at 11:24 AM.

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    Re: Board Names

    nicklambo said: View Post
    Not sure...Maybe the picture will give it away!
    I hate you so much right now.

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