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    Blizzard Force

    Hey TDH Community-

    Just wondering if anyone is in the know about what happened to BlizzardForce Forums? I'm not an active 501st member, but a Star Wars costuming junkie who just received his MC snowtrooper kit after 6 months of waiting. To my dismay, I logged onto the website to find it has been suspended. I can do the assembly without the site, but just like the TDH was immensely useful for my Fett build, I was hoping to tap into their resources as well. If anyone has any info or an alternative site supported by the 501st snowy detachment let me know!!

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    Re: Blizzard Force

    Blizzard Force is offline for the time being, with no ETA. That is the only 501st official snowtrooper site, so for now unfortunately there is nothing to point you at.

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    Re: Blizzard Force

    I am part way through a MC Snowtrooper build and tried to join Blizzard Force, but never msnsged to get access, from speaking to people the forum has been a problem for some time.

    If you get stuck join the UK Garrison site and the public area has a Snowtrooper sticky with lots of info on it.


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