Blade Runner FINAL CUT pic intensive

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    Blade Runner FINAL CUT pic intensive

    Finishing off my last bit of X-Mas shopping this afternoon, after being homebound, sicker than a dog all this week, I stumbled upon the Blade Runner Final Cut in line at Borders (a very long, long line...)

    Pictured here is the Limited Edition 5 Disc Collection. There are 4 versions of the film, including the Final Cut, which recently was in limited engagement at theaters with Digital projection capabilities. I dropped in the Final Cut into my player when I got home, it looks and sounds freaking insane. Watching this awesome classic makes me yearn for a true and legit Sci-Fi Renaissance.......

    Rachel, the insanely gorgeous Nexus Six.....

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    Re: Blade Runner FINAL CUT pic intensive

    Too cool! (Welcome to the OCSWS btw).

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    Re: Blade Runner FINAL CUT pic intensive

    Yikes!! Borders! Can't imagine what you paid for it there.
    I can't open mine until Xmas day, it was the only thing on my list this year.

    Saw it in the theater a few weeks back, can't wait to watch disc 2.

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    Re: Blade Runner FINAL CUT pic intensive

    I have this set sitting on my dining room table right now!!!
    But I can't unwrap it till Christmas! It's driving me bonkers. I hope my wife doesn't have any big plans to go out anywhere on Christmas day or the day after. . . cuz I know I'll be glued to my TV. (Zooming that little Spinner around the living room. )

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