Bently O'Toole update

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    Bently O'Toole update

    Hey all, just thought I should let you all know the 'Toole' is at it again and trading as 'sword-of-justice'. He is again selling all the same props and has found some new victims here in Oz.

    It appears our police force is too stupid to actually do something. The best thing we can do at the moment is try and keep up with his latest username on ebay.

    I would love to get a road trip crew together!

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    Re: Bently O'Toole update

    Typical. Pretty much why I don't trust Police Officials as an enity. As far as I'm concerned if the average citizen took care of things Criminals would think twice.

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    Re: Bently O'Toole update

    Thanks for the notification BH Reaper

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