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Baby ShocKWavE

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    Re: Baby ShocKWavE

    Congrats again Rodney! She's a sweetheart!

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    Re: Baby ShocKWavE

    congratulations man ! Loooks exactly like you !

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    Re: Baby ShocKWavE

    Congratulations to you & the Mrs.

    My baby girl turns 16 in July & still calls me "daddy"

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    Re: Baby ShocKWavE

    Congrats man! She's adorable. Have you started a baby Zam costume yet?lol It's unreal how much the way you think about things changes when you have a little one, I'm just finding that out myself. The nights will get better though, just be patient. Along with what Jango72 said earlier, there is also nothing like the feeling you get inside, when you look over the crib rail and and they give you that big toothless grin to say good morning.
    Again... Congrats!!!!

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