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    Apr 21, 2014, 6:44 AM - Awesome-Con D.C. 2014 Wrap-Up! #1

    Whew, what a weekend! Finally settled in after 3 days at D.C.'s 2nd annual Awesome-Con. I took my ROTJ Special Edition Boba out again, and had a lot of fun interacting with the crowd. The convention floor was even bigger this year, but so was the crowd and man...were we SWARMED! The definitely upped the ante with celebs this year, most notably Ernie Hudson, Cary Elwes, Jewel Staite (my wife's favorite), Billie Piper, and my favorite of the's a direct rip from my Facebook:

    Met John Morton this weekend...the guy that donned the Boba Fett costume in "Empire Strikes Back" in the scene where Vader tells him he can have Solo after capturing Skywalker, followed by the infamous "He's no good to me dead" line. Jeremy... Bulloch was out performing in another role at the time when Morton stepped in for the shot. He was pretty taken back when I came up to the booth with a giant smile on his face, and immediately asked to hold the blaster, remembering how "off balance" the screen-used blaster was over 30 years ago.

    I had asked him what his character motivation/directions were at the time, and Irvin Kershner told him "Act like Clint Eastwood..think Fistful of Dollars"...that was it. Made a mention that he didn't know what the rangefinder on the top of his helmet was for, so he acted as if he needed to track Darth Vader with his head when he came out of the torture room and walked up to him. "When Vader was talking to me in the scene, I also acted like I wasn't impressed, like he was no big deal" he added.

    To hear that story in person made the entire weekend, and he was an incredibly personable and warm guy to talk to.

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    Oh yea, small's not worth the extra 10 minutes of suit-up to travel in the car with your jetpack harness and backplate already put on...totally took off a heavy duty snap on the front of my collar. Easy fix though.

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    Two of our friends from NJ came down for the weekend as the 10th Doctor and Katniss, with my wife suited up in her Hunger Games "Peacekeeper" costume; both the helmet and jacket were screen used.
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    And on Sunday, my "Civi Day" where I'm not lugging around the dented helmet. Samantha went as the "Serenity" comic version of Kaylee where she met Jewel Staite (who is very...very beautiful). The flightsuit pattern and assembly was completely fabricated by her after about 3 prototypes.
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    We're still waiting on the flow of pics to show up on flickr/blogs/etc of our costumes since we didn't have time to take many ourselves but we're extremely happy with how this convention has blown up...and it's only 40 minutes from our house! Parking is an overpriced pain, but I definitely see this becoming another East Coast must-go following Dragon-Con.

    If any of you other Dents were there, lets see those pics!
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    Apr 21, 2014, 10:21 AM - Re: Awesome-Con D.C. 2014 Wrap-Up! #2

    Man that sounds like a blast! Hope to have my Jango done by DragonCon this year, but not looking forward to the temp differences....especially here in Ga.
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    Apr 22, 2014, 10:01 PM - Re: Awesome-Con D.C. 2014 Wrap-Up! #3

    Nicely done, brother. Sweet story too!! Post more pics if ya got them!

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