ATTN: Madmartigan

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    ATTN: Madmartigan

    Here are your gauntlets bro.they are sitting at the PO, but should go out monday.

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    Re: ATTN: Madmartigan

    here is another pic in different light.

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    Re: ATTN: Madmartigan

    I gave UPS your girth belt today as well, so it should ship out on Monday. Have a good one!

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    Re: ATTN: Madmartigan

    Oh, SNAP!

    Those are beyond awesome! Thanks a ton!!!


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    Re: ATTN: Madmartigan

    nice work WB, Madmartigan your gonna love your gauntlets...

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    Re: ATTN: Madmartigan

    WICKED Gauntlets man!!! Just so you know Wickedbeard, I will be getting my armor from you very shortly


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