Hi mates,

you may know that HoloRed Estelar is a local fan club here in Spain. Well, the 1st armor party has taken place during this week

Nowadays, there are 4 clones, 1 custom mandalorian and 1 stormtrooper in progress in our club, so we decided to arrange a meeting every day of this week from 21:00 to 1:30am (due to the hot weather) in my flat. We spent these hours cutting, trimming, sanding, sizing, bondoing, glueing, joking, eating and listening the SW OST
I was the one teaching/guiding my friends, all information and knowledge taken from this forum as well as the clone-empire, whitearmor, clonetroopers or mandomercs forums. So thank you to all the contributors.

You can see some pics of the event here: http://www.holored.com/drupal/galeri...ta-la-armadura
I hope you get the idea of what a good time we had.

I'm not in the photos because it was my camera and someone had to take the pics!

Next party? The 4th week of August.

PS: thank you to my mum and dad for leaving me alone