Am I canon now?!

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    Am I canon now?!

    So i just heared about the "bounty Hunter Code Book" from here and saw something strange on the Artworks...
    Idle Hands: Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett

    So - will I see more Clones of me in the future and i can join the 501th?

    Actually i'm flatterd but also it frustrates me a bit that they use my iconic Armor, slightly photoshoped for the book and did not ask me.

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    Re: Am I canon now?!

    "your" armor is based on a Star Wars character Boba Fett which is copywrited think they can do what they want with THEIR idea...just sayin

    Be flattered

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    Re: Am I canon now?!

    I don't know if counts as canon but hey you never know lol. You probably can expect to see some more mercs attempting to replicate your look however.

    Artists can pretty much use whatever they want for reference or photoshop with the internet. Look at how many times Art or other TDH'ers pics get used in licensed and unlicensed stuff. Heck, I'm tired of the lazy artists who just photoshop licensed statues and things into pictures and sell prints of that.

    Another thing, I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the notes in the Jedi and Sith handbooks but I was shaking my head and groaning about so many of the things I was reading from from BH code book. An example being Boba's little yearbook signature. Besides, I thought that he didn't really sign up with the whole BH guild thing.

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    Re: Am I canon now?!

    I think F4R is on the right road here.

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    Re: Am I canon now?!

    Armor notwithstanding, I will say that considering they used your exact picture and just flipped it and tweaked it a little, it would've been a nice courtesy to at least have asked for permission to use it though.

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