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    Aug 2008
    Jan 9, 2010, 8:18 PM - Airsoft battles #1

    Hey everyone what's up? So idk if any of the guys or girls on here play airsoft and i thought it would be kinda cool if everyone who played would post up pics of them playing or what they use to play. Me my self I use a crossman ak-47 375fps, a spring Beretta pistol 250 fps, airsplat m-16 spring 310 fps and sometimes my smith and wesson shot gun. Please post any pics u want to of anything to do of airsoft.
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  3. TJDFett's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Jan 9, 2010, 8:32 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #2

    I've got a g&g sr-25 full metal. It's a pretty penny, but if you upgrade the internals, it's a beast.
  4. pigeonfarmboy's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Jan 10, 2010, 2:47 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #3

    Got a few guns........... Used to play alot but haven't in a while.

    Systema M16A3 w/A.R.M.s #59 Rail
    Systema M4A1 Max Kit
    Classic Army M4A1 (400fps)
    Classic Army SLR105 A1
    Classic Army M249 Para Full Size
    Tokyo Marui Steyr Aug SR (350fps)
    Tokyo Marui G3 SAS "Hammerfish"
    Tokyo Marui M14
    Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1
    Tokyo Marui P90 TR
    Tokyo Marui MP5K
    Tokyo Marui AK47 Custom
    G&G L85A1
    G&G RK47
    G&G SR25 Sniper

    Gas Rifles
    Western Arms M4 CQB RIS
    Marushin M1 Carbine
    Marushin M1 Garand

    Sniper Rifles
    Maruzen APS Type 96

    Gas Pistols
    Western Arms Strayer Voigt Infinity 6" Limited Edition
    Western Arms Strayer Voigt 1911 I.E.D. 4.3"
    Western Arms Beretta M8045F Blade Cougar
    Western Arms Beretta M8045 Cougar
    Western Arms Colt M1911A1 Commander (LW)
    Western Arms Para-Ordinance P14 .45 Limited
    Western Arms IMI Mini-Uzi
    Western Arms Beretta Score Master
    Tokyo Marui Detonics .45 Combat Master
    Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Tactical 4.3
    Tokyo Marui IMI Desert Eagle .50AE (Hardkick)
    Tokyo Marui Beretta M9 Tactical Master
    Maruzen Walther P99
    Maruzen Walther PPK/S (walther silencer)
    Hudson IMI Jericho
    Marushin Taurus Raging Bull 8 3/8"
    KSC M93R
    KSC Glock 19 Custom
    KSC USP Compact Custom
    KSC Mk23 Heavyweight Custom
    TM NBB Mk23 Socom Full Set
    KSC Steyr TMP (Hardkick)
    KSC USP .45 Standard (Japan)
    KSC Glock 26C
    WE-TECH Evike Custom 1911 Hi-Capa
    KWA M9 Tactical PTP
  5. FettFanatic's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Jan 10, 2010, 3:37 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #4

    I use a JG AK47 which is shooting around 410fps and a gas operated pistol that I don't know the exact fps but it is around 325. I haven't gotten to play in a while, but I am hoping when spring roles around to get back into it again.
  6. Jango 425's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Jan 10, 2010, 5:56 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #5

    wow pige that is quite a bit of guns, what did u like rob an armory or somethin? lol but cool guys keep postin
  7. TJDFett's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Jan 10, 2010, 6:17 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #6

    I've also got a JG AK-47. And a gas powered Ruger that I moded to shoot around 500 fps.
  8. Jango 425's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Feb 6, 2010, 10:36 AM - Re: Airsoft battles #7

    hey so i've been havin some trouble w/ my spring airsoft rifle from airsplat. its the ar-15 and the bb's won't shoot out its no jamed though any thoughts?
  9. SUPERprops's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Feb 6, 2010, 2:19 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #8

    Somtimes the BBs break inside and a little peice could be stuck, try un jamming it just in-case. Or the spring could be messed up.
  10. Jaro Krieg's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Feb 7, 2010, 9:15 AM - Re: Airsoft battles #9

    Well I got a bunch of Airsofts 5 Pistols 8 Rifles... but never "played" with it...

    i got an other use of them as you can see
  11. jarodpenn's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Feb 11, 2010, 1:17 AM - Re: Airsoft battles #10

    Others with AEG AKs? I've found my peeps! I got an Echo1 AK47 AEG with a full rail system last year around tax time. I've wanted to change the stock from rifle to tactical but haven't found any tutorials on how to do that. Anyway, the AK is my assult rifle, I have a MP7 for CQB and a Co2 S&W Sigma as my sidearm.

    I'm making airsoft armor modeled after mando armor and painted in digital camo. With as high power as these guns are, we knew we were going to need armor eventually, but I was like Boba's armor is practical, and I already have molds to make fiberglass plates, why not use what I have?
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  12. jarodpenn's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Feb 28, 2010, 1:50 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #11

    Check it out! This is me with my AK.
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  13. TJDFett's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Feb 28, 2010, 2:14 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #12

    Quote jarodpenn said: View Post
    Check it out! This is me with my AK.
    I hope you weren't playing w/o goggles. That's not safe.
  14. Member Since
    Aug 2009
    Feb 28, 2010, 2:28 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #13

    This is my website:

    This is me:

  15. jarodpenn's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Feb 28, 2010, 3:16 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #14

    Thats our rule #1, to always wear goggles. I just wasn't wearing them for the pictures sake.
    No. 2 is everyone has to say 'game on' before anyone fires a shot.
    No. 3 is no head shots if at all possible. That one is more of a guideline.
  16. Little Fett's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Feb 28, 2010, 3:36 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #15

    Wow, those are some nice guns and gear. Berkal looks like he's ready for desert storm.
    I use an Aftermath Ak-47 AEG that shoots at 375fps and a Crossman Co2 pistol that gets 400fps. I occasionally use a Mp5 AEG that gets 400fps, but I prefer the Ak 'cause it's alot more accurate, holds about 100 more rounds pre clip, and I'm just a big Ak-47 fan.
    I also like to use a homemade, 2" bore, airsoft bozuka-essentially a modified potato gun-that shoots about a handfull of bbs at a time. (see pic below). It may not look like much, but it sure comes in handy.

    Also, as many of you know, spring Airsoft guns make great bases for building star wars blasters.
    my 2 cent worth.
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    Aug 2009
    Feb 28, 2010, 6:28 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #16

    What do you think got me into this dress-up game?
  18. Jaro Krieg's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Feb 28, 2010, 8:07 PM - Re: Airsoft battles #17

    Hm just check out the Time between 1:21and 4:06
    there are most of my airsofts in action and if you want... here are another bunch of airsofts are showing up XD

    ****... iam cheap XD

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