Air-brush help

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    Air-brush help

    Hi, I'm looking into getting an airbrush and compressor for painting masks (latex and sillicone), resin moldels, and fiberglass parts.

    What would be the best one recommended for around $100, do you think this one would be good:,9122.html

    And is this a good compressor:,9010.html

    Please let me know,


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    Re: Air-brush help

    i've never used the talon, but the VL is great. if the talon is supposed to be a better model than the vl, i'm sure it's good. i prefer siphon feed vs. gravity, but that's just me. i like being able to hook up a larger bottle of paint. 0.4oz goes fast if you're painting a big area... i'm more likely to have 4 oz than 0.4

    compressors are tough. that should be fine for anything you need. i like a bigger one with a tank myself. rather than always on, it fills the tank then shuts off, coming back on as needed. i use a big one from home depot with a pressure regulator. a moisture trap is a good idea too.

    then again, i don't really use my airbrushes for painting armor or anything. all i've done lately has been textile stuff, like rolls of fat on a hutt!

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    Re: Air-brush help

    I have a few airbrushes all Badger but, I prefer Gravity with Latex paints. Reason is with siphon the tube gets clogged easy and its usually made of plastic. another problem I had is the latex paint bubbles out of the small hole in the siphon bottle. The Gravity feed runs right into the airbrush nozzle. As for the Compressor, I have the exact same one and its 10 years old, never had a problem.

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    Re: Air-brush help

    OK, thanks for the help but one more question: does a spray booth make it so you can paint inside a house or ,lets say, my room?

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    Re: Air-brush help

    great airbrush i have a series Paasche V1 and V2 and Raven2 with Camaleon system.
    i choiche a paasche V1 ,for drawing for modeller have a good atzec kit of kodac and air compresso for 8 liter
    i prefer a gravity sistem is heasy manutenction
    i see a new paasche talon airbrush is best

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    Re: Air-brush help

    SUPERprops said: View Post
    OK, thanks for the help but one more question: does a spray booth make it so you can paint inside a house or ,lets say, my room?
    theoretically yes. it all depends on the situation.

    in my case i built a dedicated room in the basement for painting / bondo / fiberglass. it's a 5'x5' room with 2 180cfm exhaust fans and 1 smaller fan pulling air in.

    i can do fiberglass work down there for hours and no-one upstairs notices.

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    Re: Air-brush help

    Well I bought this one last night:

    I love ebay, it saves you so much money.

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    Re: Air-brush help

    I think I might get this one:,9010.html

    I found it on ebay for $60, I heard it was good, plus then I can put it in my room.

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