Hey all, if you remember I was working quite a few months back on a Thomas Bangalter helmet... well, what with school concerns (college, trying to graduate) and lack of funds (college = broke), it kind of took a backseat. Well, my friend and I are still trying to get these done by Halloween '08, with most of the electronics implemented (to some degree)...

What I'm going to try and do now, is to build the Guy-Manuel helmet. I am going to attempt to build it out of cardboard using the WoF Fett Helmet templates as a base. If it turns out well, then it will be structurally hardened with bondo and/or fiberglas before I try to cast it...

This would be my first time casting anything, as well, and I'm looking to do something along the lines of slush casting it, as the humongous bubble visor is difficult to do -any- other way. Would this present any sort of problem? I want to cast it in clear acrylic of sorts, and then spray the entire thing down with spray-on RV window tint, mask off the visor, and spray the rest of the (gold) paint on it.

Looking for any sort of help from mentors on here as well as on RPF... If there's anybody in Michigan who can lend a helping hand or some advice in person, let me know.

Here's a guy who made one, and did it via vacuumform (which I realize I might have to do, if only for the visor section on mine):

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE-6ZLjkFfo Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo helmet (gold one, a bit oversized, but fully electronic)

His instructions on his Flickr account are what have triggered this lightbulb above my head... and I intend on mine being "Electroma" sized, instead of oversized like his is.

Let me know what you all think; I am going to be taping the process of making it, and then doing a time-lapse on YouTube...

Benji "Xero" K.