501st question (Boba Fett)

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    501st question (Boba Fett)

    I have a few questions about boba fett membership in the 501st.

    I know that you have to 18 years old and all that but what about the Boba costume itself?

    Could I have Boba maker jetpack and Gaunts and be accepted?

    What about the helmet?

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    Re: 501st question (Boba Fett)

    There is no one stop shop for everything so you will have mixed parts. BM is acceptable; most of mine armor is BM, MLC JP, MS Helmet, CA Boots, etc (I think that’s right). Now if you have a really bad paint job and your armor is upside down chances are the GML is going to say you’re a No Go.

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    Re: 501st question (Boba Fett)

    Is that a hasbro helmet in your avatar?

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    Re: 501st question (Boba Fett)

    woodman said: View Post
    Is that a hasbro helmet in your avatar?
    Yep just for halloween though I posted a thread of me weathering it and I think it turned out really nice It should work for halloween....

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