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    Feb 21, 2010, 3:49 PM - 2010 Frank and Son's Star Wars Day (PIX) #1

    On Saturday 2-20-10, Mercs from Manda’galaar Aliit and Skirata Aliit invaded Frank and Son’s Collectible Show’s Annual Star Wars Day. The Mercs brought it home. In attendance were…
    Manda’galaar Official Members:
    Vid Sybot
    Tyrian kell
    Makris Bris
    Anja Kadla
    Skirata Aliit Official Members:
    The REEL Mereel Skirata
    A’den Skirata
    Holiday Boba Fett
    Pre Vizsla
    Kom’rk Skirata
    Cade Goodson
    The event was a blast and my first year there. The 501st, Rebel Legion and LA Saber groups were there as well. Special Guests I attendance were Daniel Logan and Ray Park. After the event, some of us went to Joe’s Crabshack to celebrate The REEL Mereel Skirata’s 22nd birthday.
    Manda’galaar Aliit’s Photo Thread:

    Mand’alors Angel’s

    Rockin the DSB Assassin… you guys WON’T be disappointed!

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