1st Troop--Fett & The Kids

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    1st Troop--Fett & The Kids

    Here it is...please provide any feedback on my suit...I will post an official thread of who's who with all of the armor and who done fabulous work for me...it was really fun building all 3 suits....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dsc_0301-jpg   dsc_0169-jpg   dsc_0126-jpg  

    dsc_0309-jpg   dsc_0225-jpg   dsc_0279-jpg  

    dsc_0263-jpg   dsc_0313-jpg   dsc_0154-jpg  

    dsc_0170-jpg   dsc_0277-jpg  
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    Re: 1st Troop--Fett & The Kids

    Looking good bro!
    Man I am so jealous of you guys across the pond! we don't have half as much fun here over the Halloween period as you seem too...
    Great costumes all round!

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    Re: 1st Troop--Fett & The Kids

    Right On! Great looking kit!

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