WTB . looking for complete boba fett

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    WTB . looking for complete boba fett

    im looking for a complete boba fett i dont have time to do one on myown so im looking to buy a full costume

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    Re: WTB . looking for complete boba fett

    Do you realize what the cost may be ? Not trying to dissuade you, but if someone sells their full Boba suit, you're looking at maybe $2000-$4000, unless they made a budget suit.

    Or you could go with this gem:


    Is this just for Halloween ?

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    Re: WTB . looking for complete boba fett

    There's a thread somewhere here where a dude made a killer Fett costume in 3 weeks and for almost no money (although he did have a helmet and gauntlets shipped to him i think).

    Have a look for that, he might sell it or at least have some advice for you.

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    Re: WTB . looking for complete boba fett

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    Re: WTB . looking for complete boba fett

    well i did find one and yes i seen that one too that one was to big for me but it was still nice

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    Re: WTB . looking for complete boba fett

    i what to join the 501 thats been a dream of mine let me say this to alllllllllll on this site and all that belone to the 501 you guys look better then the moives and i go ape pop over gerges suites for me i just dont hve the time to put in to a suite so my only hope is to buy one and i did find im geting it so im super happy that im going to have super boba fett this kid put alot of wrok in to it. yes i had to sale off my vintage colliton to do it . i will post pics when i get it

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    Re: WTB . looking for complete boba fett

    First off....Welcome to the boards.

    Just for future reference, when a topic is related to want to buy or sell, it should belong in THE CARGO HOLD section (For sale/trade), where you could see folks selling different items, specially FETT related. Sometimes we have folks selling their whole Fett costume due to different reasons, but you RARELY see those popping off in the Cargo Hold. Just keep an eye there.

    And Timmer is right....a Fett and Vader costumes are both of the most expensive ones (if not THE MOST EXPENSIVE) from all the Star Wars costumes, if you want to go the accurate way.

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    Re: WTB . just got a complete boba fett

    well guys i just got a full complete fett it was from a member here

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    Re: WTB . looking for complete boba fett

    Congrats man.
    make sure to post up some pics when it arrives.

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    Re: WTB . looking for complete boba fett

    who did you get it from??

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