Wookie Braids...

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    Wookie Braids...

    Can someone tell me the difference between, ESB, ROTJ and SE wookie braids?

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Wookie Braids...

    hey bud. I know that ESB had 3 braids: black, a grey "variety", and flaxen blonde. I say "variety" b/c I think there is some color variation in the braid itself. I'm not an ESB expert though.

    I think the RotJ/SE braids had some different colors and there are attachment differences (looped under arm vs. hanging from shoulder).

    I did an interpretation of the MoM exhibit braids. I have a blonde, brown, black, and a blonde/black. There are also "tails" or shorter braids of grey, brown and black coming off of the blonde/black braid.

    I would suggest searching for some of Julie's posts, as I know this has been covered before.

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    Re: Wookie Braids...

    Thanks so much Mike! Appreciate the info!


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    Re: Wookie Braids...

    ESB -

    3 braids - gray/silver unlooped, flaxen/light blond unlooped, & black looped


    Brown braid looped, flaxen/light blond looped, smaller black & white braid looped. The black & white braid has a small black braid attached to the side of this. From what I can tell, this smaller black braid doesn't go completely around. There's also what I call a half braid of gray/silver attached to the smaller black & black&white braid.

    Here's a link to the braids I've made: Braid Gallery

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Wookie Braids...

    Julie thanks so much for clearing this up, appreciate your help!


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