Woodmans' Jet Pack Paintjob

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    Woodmans' Jetpack Paintjob

    I made this JP using WOF templates(Thanks Alan!) I dont know him personally but thanks again! It's made of foam core board and pvc pipe
    with bondo filler. I used my wood lathe to turn the rocket.
    I've made the thrusters from wood too. I've been working on the paintjob for about a week. What do you think? LMK! Also I'm not finished! I will post new pics soon!
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    Re: Woodmans' Jetpack Paintjob

    I love scratch builds! Yours looks great. Prolly a lot better than I could do. My Fett is ESB, so I am not an expert on the ROTJ paint scheme, but it looks spot on to me.

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