WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

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    WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    I have been watching this site ever since my son asked for a Boba Fett costume to go along with his jedi costume. After not being impressed with the cheap and flimsy costumes I found on the internet I found this site and have been lurking ever since.

    Edit: Here is the end result.

    Without further ado, Here is my progress so far. I used a trash can for the armor and the WOF templates sized for my son who is just about 48" tall. This first picture shows the armor pieces after primer.


    However, in my haste to finish the armor I never thought to ask my son if he preferred one style or the other. Of course, the following picture he drew seemed to suggest to me that I needed to do some more weathering and go with the red gauntlets. I sewed the vest from a Home Depot canvas dropcloth using one his shirts as a guide.



    Picture drawn by son suggests ROTJ Fett and not ESB, so more damage is needed. Big Thanks to RafalFett for the reference material!


    And now, with a dyed Cherokee jacket on clearance from Target (pants were in process of being dyed), a painted-up blaster and some additional weathering...


    The transformation is progressing nicely.

    The gauntlets are at home and are a scaled down pepakura build from SPC.

    Thanks for all of the help you've given and that you will give in the future.

    Observations and Comments are welcome.
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    WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    Dude, that rocks! My little man is on me to do Jango for him. I've been contemplating whether the trash can armor was the way to go, but that looks perfect for him. What size can did you use and how did you do the back?
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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    Looks great man, he's definitely going to be a cool looking mini-fett. I was trying to get my daughter interested in a costume like that but she's just too independant...so she want's a red custom mando instead

    Keep up the great work!

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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    Thanks. I will try to post updated pictures tomorrow, but to answer your question Dechels, I used a 5.2 gallon white Sterilite trash can with rounded edges for all of the armor except for the backplate. For the back plate, I used a 13 gallon black Sterilite trash can that was more of a rectangle. I thought I would need a relief cut to properly shape it but I probably would have been okay without it. I used a heat gun to bend it into shape and also used the heat gun to damage the vest a bit. The backplate is connected to the vest using some plastic snaps that I re-purposed from an old laptop bag. I will try to post that picture as well. I used hot glue to attach the snaps to the backplate and left plenty of slack so that I could adjust it to fit.

    My son has started reminding me to finish his quickly because we briefly ran into a Boba and some other bounty hunters at a Lego store opening in Overland Park, KS, that and he wants me to have a Jango costume by Halloween. Last year we were Mario and Luigi so I am seeing this as a big improvement... Not sure if it was a TDH member and I didn't want to lose my place in line to try and ask a bunch of questions, but it was definitely one of the better costumes complete with lights.
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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    Sorry, the pictures aren't that great.

    Here is the armor with the updated weathering.


    Here is a shot showing the snaps used to attach the backplate.


    Here is a shot of the trashcan and the handpainted bantha skull.


    Here are the gauntlets. Well, at least the top halves. I still need to connect them to the bottom halves, I am probably going to go the piano hinge route or some type of elastic on both sides.


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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    Wow! Awsome job so far! Just keep the great updates coming!

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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    CFK. I have a tip i made for the left gauntlet rocket that is too small. Might be perfect for a kids costume.

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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son


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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    Test fit, so far everything is on track. ataching the Jet pack is the next order of business. The addition of the LED's to the left gauntlet has this mini-Fett excited to go collect some bounties...

    Wookies Braids are made from jute, the belt that you can't really see was made by gluing craft cord together and painting it. the boots are almost finished and the gloves are drying. On my way out of town, so pictures of the jet pack will have to wait. For now here is the current status of the build.2012-10-21-15-34-03-jpg2012-10-21-15-33-55-jpg2012-10-21-15-34-25-jpg

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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    This is great... did you make the guantlets out of a trash can as well?

    My 13 year old wants guantlets for his custom mando, but I really don't want to spend as much as I did on my fiberglass versions.

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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    That is so awesome!

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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    The gauntlets are a scaled down pepakura template from SPC that I covered in fiberglass. The gauntlet darts are very sophisticated (toothpicks). The two shells are connected with Velcro.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks Dougherty. I have had a lot of fun building this costume and my son absolutely loves it.

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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    Here are some pictures of the jet pack. The costume is pretty much finished and I will post a picture or two of Boba in action, hopefully collecting lots of bounties...2012-10-30-02-16-16-jpg2012-10-30-02-14-36-jpg

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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    I have entered his costume in the contest over at Movie Props, Costumes and Scale Models | the RPF.

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    Re: WIP Scratchbuild for my almost 7 year old son

    Here is the finished costume. The photo was taken by our neighbor who is a real pro. capture the moment

    Not sure what the next project will be but the bug has definitely bit. I may even try to tackle a Fett costume for myself one of these days.

    Thanks again to everyone who has helped with their tutorials and templates especially WOF, SPC, and RafalFett.

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