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WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    alright i finally got the straps sewed onto the girth belt. both the girth and ammo belt were scratch built for 23$

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    that ammo belt looks pretty good it 8 pouches or 9 on rotj belt?

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    ummm im not really sure? i made 9 tho... works for me im not after 100
    % movie accurate

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    There's 8 on Rotj. That awesome for $27. Great work brother.

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    8.. alrite guess ill take one off.. ok next project.. neckseal... updates soon.....

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    ok small update... i heated the shoulder pieces and bent them like they should be..

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    it will be about a week before i can get any updates... but next on the list is a neck seal.. moving armor and cutting vest.... and the gauntlet missile

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    ok ok finally goy the neckseal done.. it was made by material i had so it didnt cost me anything.....

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    I just found this thread and I must say that I am HIGHLY impressed with what you are doing on such a small budget. Amazing what you have done with stuff just laying around you house! Props to you sir...props.

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    ok next project is to make a new flak vest. the old one was an old turtle neck and wasnt holding up to well.. and it didnt look to well as you could tell from the pics... well i have a polo thats perfect for transforming to a flak jacket.its the perfec tanish color... im gonna cut the collar off.. trim some off the bottom and position the armor pieces so they will covor were the buttons go... ill keep yall updated on the progress...

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    Dude nice neckseal!!!!!!

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    ok ok i have messed around with the idea of making new knee armor... looks like thats next on the list along with the flak vest and gaunt missile

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    sorry for the lack of updates..... ive been making annother helmet.. last one was the first i ever made and wasnt that good.. ill post pics soon

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    alrite guys finally able to post pics... i no the helmet is not great buts its alot better then the first one...

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    little update on the bucket.. got the spackle on and sanded,, turn out pretty smooth...

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    Re: WIP:ROTJ Boba Budget

    alright guys ive got the helmet painted silver.. i need some tips on how to paint it and what paints to use because i havent a clue...... also im making new chest armor that will have dents and will be silver/yellow and then green not just green

    if ya dont care help me out on painting the helmet

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