WIP: ESB Chest and Collar

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    WIP: ESB Chest and Collar

    Greetings fellow Fetts! This is my first work in progress post. As CVI approaches, I wanted to show some of my work and get your feedback. Thanks to Fettpride for a great sculpt and Rafalfett for the excellent paint templates. All of the damage, including the yellow, was done using liquid mask (with a few touch ups by a detail brush).
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    WIP: ESB Chest and Collar

    For the armor I used the following paints:
    - Valspar silver spray paint (I love this stuff!)
    - Liquitex Cadmium Yellow medium hue (high quality acrylic paint. Wonderful colors, but you need to go slowly with two or three light coats; available at Michael's Arts & Crafts)
    - Valspar Hunter Green Satin spray paint (green base color and to blend the other weathering through misting)
    - Valspar Black satin spray paint (burn damage - misted only)
    - Valspar Brown Velvet spray paint (burn damage - misted only)
    - Krylon Spruce Green satin spray (misted/blended highlights)
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    Re: WIP: ESB Chest and Collar

    Thanks for the nice words!
    The painted armor looks excellent, although that yellow is too yellow for me and you might consider tone it down a bit, somewhere in the orange area (a slight mist might do the trick).


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